Monday, 4 April 2016

Reveiw- A Pony Called Angel, by Linda Chapman

A Pony Called Angel – By Linda Chapman




A Horse called Angel is by Linda Chapman, and is one of the many well-rounded story’s that children want to read.


The main character is an 11 year old called Rosie Collinton. She lives with her mother, father and 13 year old brother called Jack, along with their black and white sleep-dog, Nell.

Rosie is pony-mad, all she wants in life, is a pony of her own, and her wish I granted when she spots a pony who is being looked after, in the next yard.

She is granted the wish of looking after Angel for over the Easter Holidays, and one day, the pony trots off into Orchard Stables, and, to where Rosie makes a friend, called Milly.

Together, along with Angel, they have lots of fun, help one another, and try and get some sense into two older girls, who think they are only playing, as they put themselves in great danger.

All the Character are very strong, and relatable.

 The book from Linda Chapman makes you want to jump into the story and be part of the adventure!


A Horse Called Angel is a wonderful story, and is available to buy on Amazon, as an E-book or on paperback.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015

2015 White Shadow


Hey guys, LONG time no Blog, anyway, just thought I'd say hi and tell you i'll be picking up my Blog more now.

On the re-writes of a new story, now called, 'White Shadow.'

It's a story of 2 sisters who escape a orphanage, and Anna, who is the eldest, has to care for Flora, who is only 7 and knows very little of the world. Flora gets kidnapped and Anna has to travel to save her from being adopted out. I'll tell more when it gets totally polished to be sent off!

Here's a pic of how I see Anna:

Always Care,

Laura. x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Re-Writes And News

Hey Guys!

I'm into Re-Writes on my story and THIS time, I'm gunna do it! I'm gunna get published! =D

*Determined face*

Oh! I meet Maggi Gibson sometimes for 1 to 1's on my story! =) Here:

Oh! I got something in the post a week ago!
The Book...

It says: Special thanks to Linda Chapman. To Laura Harrison, A very special fan and FRIEND (!!)
SEE? Keep Believing! Stuff DOE'S happen! =D

Have a FAB time whatever you're doing! =D

Laura x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hey guys! Late posted, I KNOW! =D Hope all of you had a BRILL Christmas and New Year?

Drop ALL your doing and scroll down to see my top 5 FAVE books in 2012!

1) Alice B Lovely - Karen Maccombie

This, is a BRILL and FAB book about how you should ALWAYS be yourself and try not caring how the world or anyone else sees you. It's 5.99 in Bookshops but its SO worth it!

2) The Seriously Sassy, Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming - Maggi Gibson

FAVE book in the set of three! WONDERFULLY told and its so true about living your dream and the Pulls that come along with it. Also, Tween love, its painful, confusing and its ALL in this book! Also 5.99

3) Dr Who, Dead of Winter.

Ok. I have a MASSIVE HOOK on Dr Who. Series 5 onwards. Dunno what it is but ANYTHING with Amy Pond in, I like. Ok, that sounds cheesy but really, this book is really cool and a PURE adventure story. 7.99

4. Butterfly Summer - Anne Marie Conway

BRILL book! Its full of mystery and intense emotions. I LOVED it! 6.99

5. A Dog Called Homeless - Sarah Leann

THIS book is SO AMAZING that it should be in my top 5! I would say to ANYONE! BUY IT! So amazing and emotional! Sarah captures the mood of us who are lonely and in need of family love so well. She's an Angel and she writes amazingly. 6.99


There it is. My top five! What books did YOU read in 2012 that were Amazing? What did you do for New Years? Let me know!


Tuesday, 25 December 2012


10 weeks earlier..

"You should count yourself lucky that I even allow you to stay in this house with me and my two wonderful daughters. Let alone that I let you eat our food!"

Paula exclaimed, watching telly in the front room.

Her two daughters Ivy and Holly, were sharing nail polish on the sofa next to her, laughing and joking over boys. Amelia could see they were reading Twist magazine.

"ARE you listening?!!" Amelia snapped her eyes back on her stepmothers firm, staggering stare.

"Yes, I was."

"Yes what?"

"Yes Mame."

Her stepmother scoffed, a smirk played on her lips.

"Good. Repeat what I said." She challenged.

Amelia looked to the floor.

"I should count myself lucky that I stay here, let alone that I share your food." She recited, out of her memory.

Paula nodded. "Go and do your chores then, and remember," A smile played on her lips as she recited the daily list,

"You have the washing to do, after you mucked out and cleaned, and filled the horses feed buckets, which you have to do first of course. Oh, and there’s washing the dishes." She locked her eyes back onto the telly.


Amy stopped in the doorway.

"Pick out Solo and Berry’s feet. I’m having them ridden today."

"Very well." Amy replied, hiding the sigh that was trying to escape. She left the room.