Sunday, 19 December 2010

My first writers Christmas Party!

Hi all! =D
In the Christmas mood at the moment. Going to Scotland for the Hols in a week! =D (well, 6 days.)

So, the main point of this post was, cuz last wednesday i went to my 1st Writers christmas party!! Pictures, i unleash you!! =D
Carol, Pat & Me.

Me, Lou & Kath

Yes, i do look happy. I was and am! =D

Have happy Holidays!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fab talk with Sarah Beth Durst

Ok, i was on he Blog of BBB (Bitten By Books) earlyer today and, i SO am happy that i went there cuz i got the most fab reply ever to the post i wrote about my new short story being published! Here:

'Congratulations on your short story Laura! Thats wounderful!'


When i told her why i love books she replyed:

'And that is EXACTLY why i read too and love fantasy.'

And on her Twitter to me she said:

'Thanks for stopping by! Great answers!'

Ok, so i'm like, on top of the moon at the moment (Insert Unicorns)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Siver Phoenix.

I did this on Paint to tell my own love of The Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon.

It is a wounderful, well crafted story with an extreamly captive plot. This paint took my 3 hours to do but, for the books sake, it was totally worth it!

Please read and tell others what a fine book that Cindy has created.

Laura ~x~

Monday, 20 September 2010

A pic of the kitten.


This is what, kind of, what the kitten i rescued today looks like, Minus the yellowish fur, this kitten was all grey with a cute pink nose and white stokings on his legs.

The Rescue of Mischeif.

Hi All. I feel VERY proud of myself at the moment and will do for a long time i hope.

I rescued a tabby kittne from a gararge, it was SOO cute that i did'nt want to let it go. Never, but, i had to go and place it down while i went to the doctors.

I came right back after the docs and picked it up and took it, (wriggling) to the vets about 2 miles away.

We, (me 'n' the kittten,) stayed there till i gave them a way to contact me, then i watched them go, then, five minutes later, she (the vet) came in with a white box and the kittens head cutily popped out. I came up with his name then, Mischeif. After that, he continued to get out the box and walk round freely. I smiled weakily but could'nt laugh, as i knew i could'nt get too attched as i had to leave him behind.

Now i'm back home, i still think of him but i made sure that they would take care of the kitten. =) So, i am very pleased that i helped the kitten and i hope that he will get a home where they take care of him.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Toy Story 3 Night.

Me went to see Toy Story 3 tonight and i LOVED it!
It was so, so...(deep breath).. SO cool :D
I went by myself but it was WELL worth it. I mean really. It has a talking (VERY Evil) cuddy (pink) bear. That in itself is AWSOME.
One of my Role Modals, (Jodi Benson) voiced in the film and did the voice of Barbie. Loved it and the way she falls for Ken, (Brings out the good in him too, love that in heroines.)
My most fave part in the film is....(SPOILERS) Near the end, Barbie wants to go with her friends and Ken, cuz he knows the Toys will get crushed the way they were going (and he loves her) takes her arms and holds her back as she crys for them. (Awww..)
(Not saying anymore. hehe)
Plus, in my writing news, Agent searching is going well and writing is too. Still working on Story 2, wanting SO BAD to start story 3 ... (NOT Toy Story 3 by the way.)
How's all of you? Huh?

Friday, 2 July 2010

An Interveiw with Sarah Beth Durst. 2/2.

Here's a Wounderful Interveiw with one of my Idols, Mrs Sarah Beth Durst!
She is the Author of Into The Wild, Out of the Wild, ICE and, more resantly, Enchanted Ivy.
I am VERY excited to reveal the interveiw here in my Blog, please read and Injoy!
How old were you when you wanted to start writing?

I was Ten years old. Before that i waffled between Artist, Ballerina, teacher or Wonder Woman. Actually, i would have accepted any super power. Seriously though, i was ten years old when i realized that real, live, ordinary people wrote books, and i knew in that moment that this was what i wanted to do with the rest of my life. That conviction has never wavered.

When did you first put 'Pen to Paper' as it were?

Fifth grade. I had this big blue folder filled with paper and i wrote my first story in it. It was a sort of G.I. Jo meets Wizard of Oz and it incuded lots of lists of magical powers. Everyone in my story could fly, talk to animals and switch their eye colour. Not sure of that last one.

What was the first thhing you wrote that you liked the sound of for a story?

In high school, I had the idea of a play called "Rapunzel's Hair Salon."It was about fairy tale creatures in the real world, and it involved lots of singing pigs. Later, it became the seed for my first Novel: INTO THE WILD. Minus the singing pigs, of course.

How do you cope with all of the attenion of and interveiws of the polished life of a writer?

Like with any job, it is a balancing act to handle the diffrent aspects of being a writer. I love hearing from fans online and i make a point of personally responding to every reader who contacts me with a question about my books. But, as much fun as the social media can be, i try very hard not to let it distract me from the actual writing of books --which is the key to the whole being-a-writer thing! I therefore make a concerted effort to avoid engaging in extended conversions with individual fans, and i expect my fans to respect that decision. There is simply not enough time in the day, and my priority is always the writing itself. I want to make every story i write the best i've ever written, and i'm committed to devoting all my time and energy to making it happen.

Out of Cassie, Lily, Bear, Zel and Julie, who do you most identify with?

Ooh... good question. My Arctic adventurer Cassie is the most diffrent from me, wich actully made her the easyist the write beacuse i'd simply think, "What would'nt i have the guts to do here?" But Lily is probably the most similar -- an ordinary girl who despitely wants her dreams to come true and is too stuborn to stop trying, even when the odds are against her.
Thanks for joining me today Sarah!

Thanks so much for interviewing me!
To see more of Sarah, see her Blog: Sarahs Journal
To see her Website, type in this:
Send her a Tweet: @Sarahbethdurst

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Interveiw with Sarah Beth Durst 1 of 2

Its been awhile since i posted a post so, i'll get typing.

Read on my fellow Bloggers!! =)

As soon as Sarah (Beth Durst) replys to my email, i'll have an interveiw and i'll Post it right here for you to see. =)

Plus, i've started a new story, (i know i'm not published yet but one day i will be!) Its called Malinda's Sea Tail. (so far.) and, another called Ohana Dreams. (yes, its set in a island.) lol

Well, keep checking back here for the interveiw!


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mr Bone Interview and MORE.

May i introduce: Mr Bone!!

(need to work on his name.)


Laura: Hi Boney!

Mr Bone: *rolls eyes* WHY did you use that picture of me?! Of ALL of my pictures i've had taken, you HAD to pick that one!

Laura: *Moves back, unsure of this bone snapping.* Ok, OK. Don't Snap at me! You know what? Your OUT for snapping at the interviewer!! OUT!! before i get Wilf on you again!

Mr Bone: *looks scared, looking round for the dog.* Ok, sorry, don't put him on me again! PLEASE. He bites my couisns into splinters!!

Laura: *smiles kindly.* Ok, no dog, just, please, leave.

*Mr Bone nods happily and hops out of the room.*


Laura: Ok! Now that mess is sorted out, i've got some things to tell you all.

I've sent my Manuscript off to an agent and *fingers crossed.*

Plus, who can make out a story from this picture like a i did afew hours ago? :

BTW: Keep well all.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Any advice on revising?

Hi, anyone got any advice on revising, like, keeping yourself at the laptop, computer, whatever?

Post any help you can give me in comments.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

6 Favorite Songs.

Hey everyone, just thought i'd make a list of my 6 (current), favorite songs. Here they are:

1. Belle. (Disneys Beauty & the Beast.)

2. Something There. (Disneys Beauty & the Beast.)

3. Rush. (Ally & AJ.)

4. I see you. (Avatar.)

5. Always There. (Disneys Lady & the tramp.)

6. Gypsy. (Shakira.)

Whats yours? Leave a comment and tell me.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Marion Athorne Day.

Ok, hi. On the 7th of April i got the HONOR of meeting one of my idols in writing: Marion Athorne. She's awsome. She's wrote 3 novels of YA fantasy and i sat NEXT to her in my writers group!! How cool is that??!!

She Presented me with her Signed book and gave me her email address, if i need any help with my writing, she said she would help me. (doing alright btw.)

I also am Proud to say, i've finished my first draft of my book. I'm in the revsing process now. I'm soooo Excited and scared about the next part, finding an agent.

Well, best to all of you and leave a comment.