Friday, 14 May 2010

Any advice on revising?

Hi, anyone got any advice on revising, like, keeping yourself at the laptop, computer, whatever?

Post any help you can give me in comments.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

6 Favorite Songs.

Hey everyone, just thought i'd make a list of my 6 (current), favorite songs. Here they are:

1. Belle. (Disneys Beauty & the Beast.)

2. Something There. (Disneys Beauty & the Beast.)

3. Rush. (Ally & AJ.)

4. I see you. (Avatar.)

5. Always There. (Disneys Lady & the tramp.)

6. Gypsy. (Shakira.)

Whats yours? Leave a comment and tell me.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Marion Athorne Day.

Ok, hi. On the 7th of April i got the HONOR of meeting one of my idols in writing: Marion Athorne. She's awsome. She's wrote 3 novels of YA fantasy and i sat NEXT to her in my writers group!! How cool is that??!!

She Presented me with her Signed book and gave me her email address, if i need any help with my writing, she said she would help me. (doing alright btw.)

I also am Proud to say, i've finished my first draft of my book. I'm in the revsing process now. I'm soooo Excited and scared about the next part, finding an agent.

Well, best to all of you and leave a comment.