Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day of Awsome

<~ How i feel about today =) (Amy Adams filming The Muppets Movie)
Oh. My Gosh! Have i had a brillent day? Oh yes. Scroll down for to hear more of my day of Awsome-ness. (aka Today)...
11.55am - Package arrives. I know what it is right away. Open it up to find.. TWO signed books from my favorite author ever = Linda Chapman! (Sent me an awsome birthday card too!!)
11.56am - Pretty card.
11.57am - It has flowers!
11.58am - =D
12.00 - Wake Bern up with tears of happiness in my eyes. (Jumping for joy in my head.)
4.00pm - Come home with a new hair dye. (nan dies it for me.) Feel awsome.
9.00pm - Nan offers me an early b-day presant. (I say yes) Gives me a new MP3 Player. Feel moden.
9.30pm - Look in the mirrior. Feel awsome!
That, was my day of Awsome. Hope you injoyed. See ya! =D