Saturday, 8 September 2012

Winters Blue Sparkle -The Meeting-

“Greetings Miss Glass.” Asha froze. She felt the wind whip her hair and stopped in her tracks. A voice. That was a voice! “Do not be afraid. I will not harm you.” Asha looked round, shaking, with cold and worry now. “You must keep us a secret. What you are about to see, you shall promise not to tell anyone else in the world. Do we have your word?” Swallowing, Asha took a deep breath. “Yes. I promise. I’ll never tell a soul.” She listened for a reply but had gotten none. “You have a word. I never break a vow once I make it.” The voice came again. “You shall swear it in blood?” Blood?! What?! “Yes, by blood.” She answered after a moment of silence.


“Very well. We shall come forth now.” Said the voice. Asha took in a awestruck breathe as the Stag that all of the girls were talking about, coming forth, graceful and proud, he carried his antlers high and noble. Coming closer, he looked strict and yet, pleased at the human before him. Once he had walked proudly over, he stopped a meter away. “I am Seth, leader of the Winters Herd in the North Pole.” He spoke, with the gentlest of tones. “Look closer now, Miss Glass and do not fear what you see.” Asha looked, her eyes trailing upwards somehow, of their own free will. She caught her breathe again, amazed at what she was seeing. The antlers, tall and strong, were glowing a dim, shining silver!