Monday, 4 April 2016

Reveiw- A Pony Called Angel, by Linda Chapman

A Pony Called Angel – By Linda Chapman




A Horse called Angel is by Linda Chapman, and is one of the many well-rounded story’s that children want to read.


The main character is an 11 year old called Rosie Collinton. She lives with her mother, father and 13 year old brother called Jack, along with their black and white sleep-dog, Nell.

Rosie is pony-mad, all she wants in life, is a pony of her own, and her wish I granted when she spots a pony who is being looked after, in the next yard.

She is granted the wish of looking after Angel for over the Easter Holidays, and one day, the pony trots off into Orchard Stables, and, to where Rosie makes a friend, called Milly.

Together, along with Angel, they have lots of fun, help one another, and try and get some sense into two older girls, who think they are only playing, as they put themselves in great danger.

All the Character are very strong, and relatable.

 The book from Linda Chapman makes you want to jump into the story and be part of the adventure!


A Horse Called Angel is a wonderful story, and is available to buy on Amazon, as an E-book or on paperback.