Monday, 2 August 2010

Toy Story 3 Night.

Me went to see Toy Story 3 tonight and i LOVED it!
It was so, so...(deep breath).. SO cool :D
I went by myself but it was WELL worth it. I mean really. It has a talking (VERY Evil) cuddy (pink) bear. That in itself is AWSOME.
One of my Role Modals, (Jodi Benson) voiced in the film and did the voice of Barbie. Loved it and the way she falls for Ken, (Brings out the good in him too, love that in heroines.)
My most fave part in the film is....(SPOILERS) Near the end, Barbie wants to go with her friends and Ken, cuz he knows the Toys will get crushed the way they were going (and he loves her) takes her arms and holds her back as she crys for them. (Awww..)
(Not saying anymore. hehe)
Plus, in my writing news, Agent searching is going well and writing is too. Still working on Story 2, wanting SO BAD to start story 3 ... (NOT Toy Story 3 by the way.)
How's all of you? Huh?