Sunday, 19 December 2010

My first writers Christmas Party!

Hi all! =D
In the Christmas mood at the moment. Going to Scotland for the Hols in a week! =D (well, 6 days.)

So, the main point of this post was, cuz last wednesday i went to my 1st Writers christmas party!! Pictures, i unleash you!! =D
Carol, Pat & Me.

Me, Lou & Kath

Yes, i do look happy. I was and am! =D

Have happy Holidays!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fab talk with Sarah Beth Durst

Ok, i was on he Blog of BBB (Bitten By Books) earlyer today and, i SO am happy that i went there cuz i got the most fab reply ever to the post i wrote about my new short story being published! Here:

'Congratulations on your short story Laura! Thats wounderful!'


When i told her why i love books she replyed:

'And that is EXACTLY why i read too and love fantasy.'

And on her Twitter to me she said:

'Thanks for stopping by! Great answers!'

Ok, so i'm like, on top of the moon at the moment (Insert Unicorns)