Monday, 20 September 2010

A pic of the kitten.


This is what, kind of, what the kitten i rescued today looks like, Minus the yellowish fur, this kitten was all grey with a cute pink nose and white stokings on his legs.

The Rescue of Mischeif.

Hi All. I feel VERY proud of myself at the moment and will do for a long time i hope.

I rescued a tabby kittne from a gararge, it was SOO cute that i did'nt want to let it go. Never, but, i had to go and place it down while i went to the doctors.

I came right back after the docs and picked it up and took it, (wriggling) to the vets about 2 miles away.

We, (me 'n' the kittten,) stayed there till i gave them a way to contact me, then i watched them go, then, five minutes later, she (the vet) came in with a white box and the kittens head cutily popped out. I came up with his name then, Mischeif. After that, he continued to get out the box and walk round freely. I smiled weakily but could'nt laugh, as i knew i could'nt get too attched as i had to leave him behind.

Now i'm back home, i still think of him but i made sure that they would take care of the kitten. =) So, i am very pleased that i helped the kitten and i hope that he will get a home where they take care of him.