Tuesday, 25 December 2012


10 weeks earlier..

"You should count yourself lucky that I even allow you to stay in this house with me and my two wonderful daughters. Let alone that I let you eat our food!"

Paula exclaimed, watching telly in the front room.

Her two daughters Ivy and Holly, were sharing nail polish on the sofa next to her, laughing and joking over boys. Amelia could see they were reading Twist magazine.

"ARE you listening?!!" Amelia snapped her eyes back on her stepmothers firm, staggering stare.

"Yes, I was."

"Yes what?"

"Yes Mame."

Her stepmother scoffed, a smirk played on her lips.

"Good. Repeat what I said." She challenged.

Amelia looked to the floor.

"I should count myself lucky that I stay here, let alone that I share your food." She recited, out of her memory.

Paula nodded. "Go and do your chores then, and remember," A smile played on her lips as she recited the daily list,

"You have the washing to do, after you mucked out and cleaned, and filled the horses feed buckets, which you have to do first of course. Oh, and there’s washing the dishes." She locked her eyes back onto the telly.


Amy stopped in the doorway.

"Pick out Solo and Berry’s feet. I’m having them ridden today."

"Very well." Amy replied, hiding the sigh that was trying to escape. She left the room.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Near Jouneys End

They made their way though the fields, into the glen where they last met Shadow. Nether of them said a thing.

The bushes and everything seemed cold and distant.

“So, do you think that we’ll see one another again?”

Sparkle said nothing for a moment, his ears lowered, clearly upset. He wasn’t going to say anything and Asha knew this.
A rustle in the bush made them both swing round. There stood the shape of the most glamorous woman in the world, looking kind and calm at the pair of friends.