Friday, 23 December 2011

Sophie's 2nd Upon a Christmas

The bells jingled as Sophie rode her bike down the driveway, to school. Her mother had strapped bells on her bike before she had set off that morning. 'Great,' She thought, 'I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school.'

The docorations for the school were cheery as Sophie tucked her bike away in the racks with the other, 'Mature' looking bikes. Sophie rolled her eyes and thrust her bagpack over her shoulder. The day had to begin somewhere..


The school was packed as normal when Sophie arrived in its halls. Teenagers were all hurrying to get to class. Sophie darted in and out of the crowds to get to her own. She stepped into the class and, to be truthful, she wished she had'nt.

The front desk held mini, festive looking tree with pink and purple tinsel round it and the windows had stick-on Snowflakes. The lady who was their teacher, smiled as Sophie came in. "Hello Sophie, Happy Christmas." She said cheerfully as Sophie went over to her seat. She got her notebook out and started her writing, as was her main thing every morning at school, you know, to say she had arrived, ready to Blog about her day at High School, as normal.

Mrs Newchild, who was her teacher, looked at her young batch of 12 teenagers. "Hello Class and i hope you're all well?" The class was silant. "Well, i think we'll have the day to decorate the tree, if you lot don't mind?" One boy stood up and looked at the young-ish, age 25, teacher. "No Lessons then Miss?" Mrs Newchild smiled. "No Lee, now, if you'll wait five minutes, i'll just sort this out." The class all beamed in happiness as Mrs Newchild began sorting out her papers. Sophie, who hated Christmas, glared at the teacher. "That mkes no sence!" The teacher looked up at this. Sophie stayed where she was. "We're ment to be practicing our GCSE's! Not fussing around a tree!"


Mrs Newchild tilted her head to one side. "Sophie, its a season to be happy and forget your worrys. We're all going to leave the stress behind for this week. I saw your bike by the way and, i like the bells your mother put on." Sophie sank into her chair. She wished the ground would've just swallowed her up right there and there. The rest of the class looked at her only for a moment and then went back to relaxing and taking it easy in their seats. Mrs Newchild then, came over to Sophie and bent down to her seat, so she was eye level to Sophie, the favorite in her class. Her golden hair shone as she spoke. "Please Sophie, relax, its Christmas." Sophie smiled, seeing, it was true.


Hope you all liked it, Merry Christmas guys! xxx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

My J.K Rowling

This is my J.K Rowling.
Yes folks, Linda Anne Chapman is my J.K Rowling.
I love her like i love chocolate. She is my reason for writing and has svaed my life with her words more then once and, more then she could ever know.
I have told her in emails that i adore her and want to be known as the 2nd Linda but, for me, she is my Hero.
Laura xxx

Friday, 1 April 2011

How Deadlins help you.

Hi guys, on my Twitter, i said i would Blog today about how setting deadlines can help you write/finish a book, so, lets get started by listing stuff. =D 1. Can help with world Outside once you give over to it and let it invelope you. 2. Makes you confetent about yourself. 3. Gives you less time to read books (bad point, kinda) 4. Makes you feel happier about yourself. 4. Tells and Prooves you CAN do it! =D (like your idols) BTW: My favorite Author of all time is Linda Chapman. (who's yours? Comment and tell me!)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy March!

Hi Guys 'n' Girls! x-x

Happy March!

I hope this month for you is AWSOME like mine has started already (to be awsome)

Bye ya'll,
Laura x-x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Silver Phoenix & Fury of the Phoenix giveaway!

Over at Malinda Lo's Blog, i came across her giveaway of 2 of Cindy Pons books!

Now, i like Cindys work and adore her writing style. I have entered and i'm asking you all to enter too.

Thats all, thanks for reading.

Take care.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day of Awsome

<~ How i feel about today =) (Amy Adams filming The Muppets Movie)
Oh. My Gosh! Have i had a brillent day? Oh yes. Scroll down for to hear more of my day of Awsome-ness. (aka Today)...
11.55am - Package arrives. I know what it is right away. Open it up to find.. TWO signed books from my favorite author ever = Linda Chapman! (Sent me an awsome birthday card too!!)
11.56am - Pretty card.
11.57am - It has flowers!
11.58am - =D
12.00 - Wake Bern up with tears of happiness in my eyes. (Jumping for joy in my head.)
4.00pm - Come home with a new hair dye. (nan dies it for me.) Feel awsome.
9.00pm - Nan offers me an early b-day presant. (I say yes) Gives me a new MP3 Player. Feel moden.
9.30pm - Look in the mirrior. Feel awsome!
That, was my day of Awsome. Hope you injoyed. See ya! =D