Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mr Bone Interview and MORE.

May i introduce: Mr Bone!!

(need to work on his name.)


Laura: Hi Boney!

Mr Bone: *rolls eyes* WHY did you use that picture of me?! Of ALL of my pictures i've had taken, you HAD to pick that one!

Laura: *Moves back, unsure of this bone snapping.* Ok, OK. Don't Snap at me! You know what? Your OUT for snapping at the interviewer!! OUT!! before i get Wilf on you again!

Mr Bone: *looks scared, looking round for the dog.* Ok, sorry, don't put him on me again! PLEASE. He bites my couisns into splinters!!

Laura: *smiles kindly.* Ok, no dog, just, please, leave.

*Mr Bone nods happily and hops out of the room.*


Laura: Ok! Now that mess is sorted out, i've got some things to tell you all.

I've sent my Manuscript off to an agent and *fingers crossed.*

Plus, who can make out a story from this picture like a i did afew hours ago? :

BTW: Keep well all.

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