Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Truth

“It's not easy being the Stag of The Winters Herd, fearing humans all the time, that might come and take a Fawn or Buck from you.” Molly stopped, then looked at Shadow, for help.

The Stag did not move. His antlers rippled with a glittering light,

“I came to earth before and, to two sisters. They were both entraced by the magic I held,” He seemed to be reliving a VERY painful memory or thought just then, “One, your mother, tried to trap me. The same way that she tried to do the same to my son.” He breathed slowly.

“You looked like her when you came to take Sparkle from me in this very forest,” He stopped, shifting his hoof across the grass, uncomfortable.

Got it.

“That’s why you attacked me? I looked like my mother?”

The Stag locked eyes with her then and, Asha knew, with a sinking feeling what he would say next.


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