Saturday, 17 November 2012

Unknown Love

She held her daughter close and then eased her back into her chair, feeling very sorry for her daughter, Asha could see it in her face as she came up to her and held her arms out to Asha, offering a hug.

Asha stayed where she was standing, not knowing what to do at this act of kindness. The last time she was hugged, she was jabbed with a needle and she had been kidnapped by her own mother!

“Have you got anything in your pockets?” Said Asha, thinking something was in the ladys pockets, that she was hiding something from her.

Molly laughed gently. She then put her hands into her dress pockets and pulled out mints, a rubber band and her pink mobile out of the other pocket.

“This is all I have darling,” She insisted softly. “Come.”

Asha silently, and nervously, stepped forwards. She was then gently pulled into the woman’s kind hold. Molly kissed her head and stroked her hair.

“Your hurting, I know. It’ll get better.”

Asha then tried to escape the hug and the woman held onto her, a little forcefully. “I know your mother. I’m her sister. She told me you escaped her.”

Asha tensed.

The woman breathed out slowly before talking again.

“I’ll never give you or your Fawn over. Please trust me Asha. I love you. You are my niece after all.” She stroked her golden hair then let the girl go.

Asha was dumbfounded. She stud there, not ever was she talked to like that! Not EVER was she shown as much love and kindness as that! NEVER.

She said nothing for awhile, then, with one flush, all of her hunting tears flushed out of her eyes.

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